12 MIN HAPPY CARDIO - a good mood High Intensity Choreo / No Equipment I Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif

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    a fun calorie killer! ♥︎ feeling unmotivated? feeling a bit sad? or just want to do a fun way of INTENSE Cardio? / Werbung
    Say hi to Vol. 2 of our "Happy Sweat" Workout!!!
    I know HIIT and Cardio is a love-hate relation ship for most of us. This video is for sure intense - but I find it sooooo much more fun than a regular way of doing Cardio! I don't notice that I'm out of breath until the end.
    The moves are more "classic" than the ones of a dance workout, easier to follow & definitely more high energy from start till finish. I hope you enjoy it!
    by the way: NO MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS :D
    Apart form the good mood & I can also guarantee a serious number of burned calories here.
    ▸ I burned 100kcal in those 12min (which is a loooooot for me).
    Depending on your height, weight and fitness level this might vary between 80-170kcal.
    ▸ you can find FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram Channel. 30min, 45min and Beginner Friendly combinations. Check out the Highlight Bubble "Workout Plans" for that.
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    I update my workout playlist weekly & it's available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. ♥︎
    1. Madcon, Ray Dalton - Don't Worry 0:00 -
    2. James Hype, Kelli Leigh - More Than Friends
    3. David Guetta, Kid Cudi - Memories
    4. Sam And The Womp - Bom Bom
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    When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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    1. Pamela Reif

      Happy New Year everyone! ♥︎ let's start it with some sweaty smiles 🥰 In case you didn't know yet: I upload FREE WORKOUT PLANS on my Instagram every single week. They give you a structure about the videos to do on each day. There are 5 different plans available. 🔥

      1. Lilia Mik

        @Patricia Pp love

      2. Муслима Мирзахидова

        Thank you !!! It’s amazing 😃

      3. Emona Hoti

        So got Workout ☺️☺️☺️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      4. Roman Hrzan

        I love these workouts and I am girl! This is account of my boyfriend haha

    2. Justyna Zarębska

      ngl DUDUDU is my favourite exercise

    3. Anastasija Petrovic

      Hey, if you're just scrolling through the comments, I just wanted to say that it's okay if you don't do all the workouts that she put for that day and also that it's okay to take breaks. Keep going, you're really strong 💪🏼❤️

    4. DirtyCamping

      Who else is starting to play 'Feel Right Now' in their heads at the end? Did the Best Of a lot lately 😂

    5. lilac s.

      Me: trying to breath Pam: singing a song and doing her workout

    6. Negar Danaei Fard

      Still can’t do the 1- high knee, so I just go with regular high knee 😅

    7. Jessica Bryant

      The dududu’s got me

    8. Naomi

      Am I gonna regret this? Cause Im about to start... Will probably about this lol

    9. Lightnin 47

      Well, i thought i was going to do some cardio exercises not a dance tutorial

    10. Heidi Færestrand

      I love that you choose the Norwegian group Madcon to this routine. :) I love them.

    11. Neelie Sch

      The high knees ist like the Floss dance. Only the Original can Master it.

    12. Tophat_gaming

      I'm only here bc people wouldn't shut up about this workout on the comment section of the song bom bom I mean like surely u heard of bom bom before they all acting like they never have


      Great video I like it Thank you very much please add me on my channel

    14. Vanda Kuvik

      OMG I love it! My daily routine containes this video 💜💜💜

    15. siti mei

      After 6 days of lazzines, i thought doing this HIIT would be bery hard. Eventually, this work out is very fun and can boost my mood. Except for the squad pulse, my knee hurted

    16. Norah Braun

      does anyone know around how many calories this burns?

      1. Valeria Milani


    17. Sophie Avery

      The oafish statement comparatively plan because elizabeth focally shelter failing a harmonious tom-tom. obnoxious, axiomatic organisation

    18. Lucky Lukas

      I wonder how often I will recognize these moves on the dancefloors after COVID 😂 thx for keeping us in shape Pam!

    19. Lucky Lukas

      I wonder if we will see some of this moves after Covid on the Dancefloors of Germany 😅 thx for keeping us in shape Pam

    20. Ishita Patidar

      God! I did 2 arms and back workouts from your plan and had zero motivation to do this one. Then I read "feeling a bit sad?" in the description and I was like I have gotta do this now. And I am soooo glad I did it. My mood just did a 180 there!

    21. Sher Nava

      Tenia al rededor de 2 años que no tengo ninguna actividad física y el día de hoy me tope con tu rutina y me dije "son solo 10 minutos que me puede hacer" y a los 5 minutos ya estaba muerta 😭

    22. Teresa Brites

      Me watching this: 🥰💃🥳💃 My neighbours at the window:👁️👄👁️

    23. 16_Ximena Hernández Martínez


    24. Nicola Christina Borg

      I needed this. Loved it.

    25. sejkyska _


    26. Nico -

      Im a newbie to your videos and this has been my favorite so far. I still have so much positive energy wow 🔥 It really is a happy cardio, I had to laugh a few time due to confusion of how to to some moves. So I just did my own hit with the same power and energy 💪🏼

    27. Chi huahua

      I don‘t want to know what the FBI Agents on my phone think of me when they see me doing the body pump through the camera 🙃😂

    28. Maria José Silva

      Fiz o exercício gostei Thanks, Pamela

    29. Elena Klichowski Marco

      Very funny!!!!

    30. Justyna Grochowska


    31. glo up xcz

      me doing squats, my napkin b like: am I a joke to u?

    32. Reign


    33. Chanelle sn

      Best cardio ever!

    34. Jasmin Jakobsen

      I just sprained my ankle trying to figure out how the hell to do this fricken high knee. Some kind of tutorial would be nice...

      1. Katya Fernanda

        @Jasmin Jakobsen Don't worry :). I just started this year and from what I've seen, she posts the plans on Instagram every Sunday and explains a little the focus of the week. Most of her videos are like this (she just works out and we follow), but she also has a couple of videos where she's explaining what to do (usually the live workouts). I'm new to working out so there are some exercises that I just can't do (even when she's explaining) but I try to do my best. Hope it helps.

      2. Jasmin Jakobsen

        @Katya Fernanda I was still confused when it was just videos of random people until it FINALLY got to a tutorial. Super confusing that is how you have to find it. Is that what she does for all her new videos? Instead of trying to do it the first time on youtube I should go to her IG, then her highlights and search for any and all videos hoping there is some sort of tutorial? Or was it just for this one stupid High Knee that nobody could figure out? Sorry, you don't have to answer ha, you just seem much more informed than me so thought I'd ask. I feel like I spend half the time you're supposed to be doing the exercise trying to figure out what/how she's doing it. I'm very athletic, but these workout videos are new to me. Thanks again for your help!

      3. Katya Fernanda

        @Jasmin Jakobsen Sorry to hear that :(. The tutorial is on her highlights, it's the one called "Happy Cardio".

      4. Jasmin Jakobsen

        @Katya Fernanda That's great to know, thanks, although I looked and can't find it. Linking it or something might be more helpful. I really messed up my foot and now can't do any workouts until my foot heals :(

      5. Katya Fernanda

        She has one on Instagram :)

    35. Sara Al

      You never realise how long 12 minutes is when you try this.

    36. Yo Pottier

      Merciiiii superrrrr !!!!👍👍👍👍 de la joie et du sport !!!

    37. private idaho

      the amount of relief when bom bom comes on keeps me going through this workout

    38. El isa

      I recorded myself doing the body pump and I’m genuinely scared

    39. Faby Leonetti

      bellissimo l happy cardiooo wooow altri video😍😍😍

    40. Maria Ximena Maya Vega

      Loved it...thanks...

    41. Flowers Dream

      Мои мышцы в ужасе))

    42. eve eve

      3:33 starts *life flashes before my eyes*

    43. Chenoa Kras

      holy shitttt pamela tought me I can actually do high jumps

    44. Regina Groustra

      I did today’s workout schedule from week 14. My legs felt like rubber bands and then I had this video left to do. I was not able to finish this video with the enthusiasm and energy I usually have 😂😂😂

    45. Cookie Monster

      Is that actually her house ?

      1. Coconut Blossom Sugar

        Yes she lives there (but it is an apartment not a whole house)

    46. shroomimii

      the body pump was too hard that i had to step away from my phone’s camera because of how embarrassing it would look like

      1. HUE Tonia

        Same haha

    47. Vân Py

      It was really fun 😆💪

    48. SephirothsBIade

      I have done this workout over 20 times now. How to 9:21? Every time I try this either my torso or waist stays still or tries to move opposite

    49. Sofia Melisa Mejia Sanchez

      istg that this is by far the must fun cardio workout I've done, like im dying but Im having fun

    50. Catalina jeje

      I´m in loooove with this choreo

    51. Serra Amram

      This was literally the happiest cardio workout I've come across so far on HUgets! Thanks !

    52. jenoreos

      I always do this workout so I can go BOM BOM at the end

    53. Gloria C

      So much fun!! Thanks for the amazing workout video Pamela!

    54. Marina Quartim

      Descobri nesse canal que minha condenação motora é uma droga

    55. Veronika Polenova

      Its so nice I am happy

    56. Anja Stanko

      such a positive energy, good job

    57. Mango Amy

      Me hysterically laughing at myself doing the body pump 😂

    58. Relaxation Music Meditation

      When the lyrics start off with "don't worry about a thing".... Sis, you don't know Pam's workouts 🙈

    59. yasemin ipek

      sing(♡ω♡ ) ~♪

    60. Hatice Sahin

      I'm here for du du du and bom bom bom!

    61. Stefania Burci

      how many calories burn?

    62. Laura Mansotte

      good mood therapy I love it !!! ♥️

    63. Nikolendski

      can someone please tell me how to do the body pump? cause my coordination said big NO😂

    64. emma tropekova

      Me* dead after workout but full of serotonin Also me* Let's do BOM BOM BOM again!

    65. Sabrina Medri

      I'm in the "beginner" BUT I can do itttt! AND THIS IS POSSIBLE ONLY BECAUSE OF YOUUUUUU

    66. Romina Barrientos


    67. Meltem Altinkaya

      ı love this video the most , it makes me happy and sweaty thank you pam

    68. sparkly xx

      My fav cardio workout!!

    69. Andy

      Love this!

    70. paula guerrero

      It's so great!!! With that amazing mood and music, the time flies for me during this work out!! Then I am sweating and I don't even remember why!! Thank you so much!!! Greetings from Potsdam!!

    71. Catherine Leow

      Me: it doesnt look tiring Me while doing it: wait i didnt sign up for this , IM DYINGGGG

    72. Zimuahaha

      Super fun, thanks!

    73. DarkGlacies

      Damn, this is one of the funnest workouts, feels like I'm in a club, especially the last song!!

    74. Millie C

      why is this workout so fun ahahah

    75. Taye G

      this was the first workout that i enjoyed doing 🙈

    76. Fatma Akkaya

      Kadın yaparken ne kadar havalı bende ayı oynuyor gibi oluyor djjccj

    77. Catarina Amaral

      We NEED a part 2 of this one

    78. lilac s.

      Reading comments while resting 😅😅

      1. Мария Асенова

        Haha, same!

    79. Ruth Hill

      My favorite of your videos so far! You looked like you were having a blast! What a fun workout!

    80. Esin Ovacık

      Thank you Pamela this is reaaaly happy cardio :)))))

    81. Sethu Chandra

      happy and cardio are two things that I *never* thought would go together

    82. Kimhong Thong

      the last one really took the soul out of me. i danced like it was my last day on earth

    83. Thái Nguyễn


    84. Maria Simbari

      E pesante come cardio o è fattibile?😃

    85. Charie Agostinelli

      Phew so much Fun! 💃

    86. Cinthya Choez

      Acabe de llegar y creo ahora es mi entrenadora favorita 🌺

    87. tution pank video

      we lost 10 kg from your video ...thanks for sharing ..your video with us we are from india

    88. Sraya Chakraborty

      Very Good

    89. weinerdogs forlife

      Is it just me because I am 10 years old and I am motivated so much to work out everyday and I have been getting so much healthier. It helps when you do her 5 min stretch before you go to bed and when you wake up!

    90. Paloma Romero

      No se cómo mierda termine aquí , pero está muy bueno si que hace sudar ❤️💃

    91. Kayra Kocabay

      İts so exciting

    92. Beatrix Chiloich

      I DID IT !!

    93. McKartoffelsack

      All time favourite Workout!!!! Ich bin eine sehr faule Person, obwohl mir Sport sehr spaß macht dauert es lange mich aufzurappeln. Aber dieses workout bringt mich immer zum Aufstehen, die Lieder sind einfach TOP!!!

    94. Celina Eisele

      Hey hey, finde das Tanz Workout echt cool. Motivierende Musik und passende Bewegungen. Schade, dass es bei den anderen Videos oft zwischen Bewegung und Musik total abweicht. Sonst super Arbeit, weiter so.. und danke für die Arbeit. Gaaanz liebe Grüße :-)

    95. Robert Rusto

      Amazing workout got my legs and my core hurting!!!

    96. Anya Draves

      this is my FAVORITE of all you workouts please make more like these!!!

    97. Einfach_ Witte

      komm nicht mehr

    98. Sai Wagh

      6:38 I thought she was gonna do DDU DU DDU DU 😂😂

    99. JIN

      Pam, l bet you don't know l watch your video while studying....now Pam's videos become my 'studying video' instead of studying music.

    100. Gaye Atmaca

      anam ağladı teşekkürler