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    who's joining a 30-day challenge? Let's slideeeee into the New Year with an elegant split haha. Let's do this routine every day (maybe even 2x) and fingers crossed we can get our splits fast! / Anzeige
    So: I USED to be able to do them. And then I stopped stretching and I totally lost it :D but I remember: it loved the feeling & the simple fact that "I can do the splits" lol.
    Those stretches are fully targeted on hip mobility, hamstring & thigh flexibility. This is necessary to slideeee into a front split.
    Who's joining my challenge? You can use #PamMakesMeSplit to share your progress with me!
    You can do this after any kind of workout, as a wake-up stretch in the morning or before yu go to bed :) there is no "wrong" timing here.
    No Equipment needed. Just prepare a soft surface like a yoga mat or towel :)
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    1. Sara Kays - Remember That Night? 0:00 - 3:45
    2. MAY-A - Apricots 3:46 - 6:56
    3. Forest Blakk - If You Love Her 6:57 - 9:39
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    When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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    1. Pamela Reif

      who's in for a 30-day challenge? Fun Fact: I was even DREAMING about gracefully sliding into the splits haha. It was the nicest feeling ever 😂😂 I was just walking around the house - splitting my way through the rooms. That's one of my goals for 2021!!

      1. Sofia Gerekova

        Me 😍 top!!

      2. Maria Matias

        I know that too well, I dream often about being gymnast, and I do this beautiful almost impossible moves so easily ❤ and I feel such freedom. I always wake up with the smile on my face 😊🥰

      3. Joann James


      4. `Sundae_Edit ́

        I did it in second day trying and I did it or maybe because I did many of these kind of vids

      5. Lyrics House

        Am I suppose to do this everyday?

    2. Alea Aquariusfan12

      I make thies evryday but i can‘t Split! 😭

    3. Solange

      I started these stretches a week ago without much enthusiasm thinking they will only help me prepare for the real split challenges. Then I tried a split pose today and realized I was only around 35 cm from the ground. Wtf?!!! 😂😂 mind you, I have extremely STIFF limbs so that alone is like achievement of the year to me. I’ll keep doing it daily for a whole month and see if I can full split from these exercises alone.

    4. lindsay lambert

      Doing this every day!! Started: Mon,April 12 2021 30 day challenge!! Day: 1 ✅ Day: 2 Day: 3 Day: 4 Day: 5 Day: 6 Day: 7 Day: 8 Day: 9 Day: 10 Day: 11 Day: 12 Day: 13 Day: 14 Day: 15 Day: 16 Day: 17 Day: 18 Day: 19 Day: 20 Day: 21 Day: 22 Day: 23 Day: 24 Day: 25 Day: 26 Day: 27 Day: 28 Day: 29 Day: 30 Results:

    5. Stefaniya Klimova

      it is my favorite stretch ever!!! Thank you so much, Pamela, you are amazing!

    6. Lubna Arjoun

      Yeah let's try again 3 weeks later lol Day 1 ☑️

    7. Kim Airan

      not me having cramps on my hamstring during the Low lunge plus thigh huhu

    8. Nora Lopez


    9. Anna Vanna

      Супер. Спасибо! очень красивые волосы😉

    10. Gita_ G

      No one: Me tries to do the splits after the first time doing the workout!

    11. Marcia Correia Carvalho

      she is really hard

    12. Cecilia Perfetti

      one of my favourite

    13. kevin l

      I can watch you do this all day...

    14. AneshaCaribPrincess S.

      When you thought that this stretch routine was going to be easy until, you’ve realized that you are not flexible at all and, you suffered throughout the whole workout🥲

    15. SuperZoeda

      Im on my first Day of the Challenge and as I started doing the first exercise I started crying like a baby.. didn’t know how much pain my body was hiding, but thank you that I could release it through your exercises 🙏🏻💞

    16. pretty princess Faria

      Today is my first day, its hard😂

    17. Annie *

      RECOMMENDED.I did this routine regularly..I saw progress after 3 weeks approximately..I was able to slide into splits in 2 months by doing these stretches..It's quite painful trying to slide into splits in the beginning..but don't discontinue these stretches..you'll get into your splits..GoodLuck..

    18. Nele Herrmann

      I love this stretch soooo much thank you Pam

    19. jayati jha

      I can tell the Playlist maker is having a hard time moving on

    20. Dj

      Okay yup my body hurts 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😭

    21. George piggy 2021

      Thank you Pamela ☺️☺️ because of your video I can do the splits now 🥺🥺

      1. pretty princess Faria

        Would you like to tell me how many days you took?

    22. duygusal bezelye

      1 ✅ 2✅ 3✅ 4✅ 5✅ 6✅

    23. Ramah Osiris

      It’s been 3 months and still doing the same stretch work out with this video . I like it . Thank you 👊🏾👍🏾

      1. pretty princess Faria

        Keep going.

    24. CODE with ME

      where do u live? such a beautiful home

    25. Far iba

      never knew my bones are this weak :( cant do a single poster cause my bones say i am an oldie

    26. Garfield[show]

      Day 1🤗💋

    27. Taizeen Madha

      90% of my music comes from Pam's workouts 😊

    28. iiGreenGxrlyii

      Yay I can split now!! Again!!

    29. Kim EXOL

      Guys I forgot why i come here she's so pretty

    30. 14 ANDREA VIJU

      Ok guys ...here's a motivation for you.....I used to be a person who thought splits was some kind of magic.......I literally could never split my legs far, always only ended up on my knees ,not below than that......But last year on december I took the challenge and did many split workouts (not this one ,)...AND ON THE DAY OF CHRISTMAS I GOT MY SPLITS...but let me tell you it was only for 1 second that time...and hurted luke hell!!!!...later on many days whenever I was bored or walking in my house I would simply try to go into a split......Eventually guys trust me!!....Me who thought splits was magic ,,was doing them perfectly !!!!!...now I took 1month break and see,now i cant do them anymore... SO TO ALL WHO IS READING THIS....EVEN IF UR FAT, U WILL GET UR SPLITS!! NOTES: I am 14 , a little bit thin ,but loveeee to eat food a lot!!! Hope my story helps you!!!!!

    31. Yurimoo

      Folgt mir auf Twitch!!!! twitch.tv/yurimoo57

      1. Yurimoo

        @Frosick geht knecht durch

      2. Frosick

        @Yurimoo ok

      3. Yurimoo

        @Frosick Fisch 🐟

      4. Yurimoo

        @Frosick hallo

      5. Frosick

        kann dir nur zustimmen

    32. Alice Dattebayo

      After seeing a few comments about people doing or being of doing the same leg twice, I was like 'hahaha that's funny, but wouldn't happen to me' ... except it did slkjgjdhg but i noticed just a couple of exercise into what was supposed to be the second leg, that I was doing the same leg again. Felt a bit dumb not gonna lie What I was not expecting was the sweat from these stretch exercises. But damn I did some dances as a warm up and I barely broke a sweat, but after this my back and belly were definitely wet with sweat.

    33. zzz

      Just when you think there is nothing more difficult than plank :-

    34. Lola Marie

      could you maybe do one for people who have problems with their knees? I personally have some problems with my knees and lunges of all kinds hurt my knees like hell, even though I wear bandages and tape to be able to do some sport. it would be really nice :)

    35. R

      For the people out there struggling with pigeon pose: just make sure that you knee is pointed more outwards than you thigh, then you're doing it properly. I struggled with it at first too, but this helped me so I hope it helps you too🙂. Good luck!

    36. Clary Fray

      Me doing this and saying: Um... Miss, I don't bend that way...

    37. Dianna Pool

      ima do this everyday ill keep you guy updated Day 1:✓ Day 2:✓

      1. • shroom •

        Come back!!

      2. Clary Fray

        How's it going?

    38. Carolina 842

      It's not first time I strech, but till now I was using some app for stretching in which workouts were quite too long for me to do at normal day and consequently I was doing it only two times a week when I had time. But I dicided I want to do it every day so here I am. And here are my results, which I want to update weekly: ‐ first week ‐ I can see difference, I'm more stretched, touching my knees with my head is no longer painful ‐ second week ‐ That was Easter week so I couldn't strech everyday, and when I could I had more time than in normal week so I had done a longer ones so consequently I've done Pamela's only sth like two times. But I've almost done a split!!!

    39. Narmin's World

      i did it for more than 3 months but i cant do the splits yet

      1. Shoot a Killa

        Don’t worry it takes time

    40. vyvienn

      I feel I deserved this stretch after the double booty workout yesterday!

    41. just cause

      she is doing it with that ease while I'm out there DYING 🤣😭

    42. justin

      Where are my boys at?🙋🏽‍♂️

    43. Aina P

      30/03: Starting today 🙌🏻 7/04: Im doing this full routine 3 times a week, my flexibility has improved a lot. The first day i find it dificult but now i can stretch better! It doesnt have to hurt girls!! I can’t split. 10/4 it is becoming easier every time but i feel i need A LOT of more work to do a split. At least every day doing this excercise.

    44. Marie Mcgee

      Surprisingly, I made it through the entire video! 🙌🏽 I’m proud of myself!

    45. Hannah Möller

      Wie sehr ich deine Videos liebe

    46. Angeline Wan Joey

      2 week update of doing it everyday: I can now touch my toes with one of my legs straight and the others bend! Gonna do another update after 2 weeks, I havent try out my splits yet tho :p

      1. Jenna

        Keep it up!

    47. Karibabes

      Day 2 of me doing this I do this everyday morning and every night

      1. Karibabes

        Day 3

    48. Yuqiao Jiang

      these songs make me so sentimental while stretching, sometimes I listen and I cry but donno its cuz the song or the pain in my thighs

      1. Jenna


    49. yongtan saw taehyung naked bish i'm so jelous

      My butt🍑 hurts but it was worth it🗿🤺🤺🤺

    50. Tanja Schmaußer

      Pfarrer Gräff Weibersdorf

    51. Samantha Rittenberg

      Not sure if I’ll keep this up but maybe sooo... Day 1:🤸🏼‍♀️ Day 2:🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️

    52. Samantha Rittenberg

      Hey Pamela, this is my first vid I’ve ever watched of yours and omg I loved it!! I used to be a dancer but never fully had my splits (I was always so close) and now it’s been two years and I have not done them a lot in that time. I’m really looking forward to starting to get them back again or just doing this amazing stretch. Love you❤️

    53. Akira Shipp

      I think I did the same leg twice lmao gahdammit

    54. Hanin Tarek

      Started: March 17 2021 Today: March 27 2021 Wayyyyyy more flexible and almost there. I honestly didn't expect it to happen too fast lol

    55. Elisa Chandra

      The lyric is rlly fact " something that u dont know but u want" = split

    56. Khadija Mughal

      Thank you so much this video has helped me soo much, from not being able to do the splits to doing the splits fully I achieved it in just under a month! Thank you!

    57. Barča

      no one: literally no one: me: putt the video on 0,5 so you can stretch more😁😁

    58. Celine Lucia

      The last song is meant towards your body. It's the best thing that you'll ever have so be kind to your body.

    59. тома тамара

      i wanna feel the floor with other parts of my body ,started ! 26.03.2020

    60. Anna Karasová

      Done for the day❤️ Feeling amazing🤸🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️


      I knew how to do front splits but they arent as good as they were when i used to practice daily so here i am

    62. mb


    63. Abby Lee

      I've been attempting to follow along for about 3 days, and today is the first day i was able to "do" everything. Not well, but I did it. That's progress, and that's awesome. Thanks for such an awesome video.

    64. Valerie Miller

      I'M TRYING THIS. I CAN DO THIS. -PROBABLY NOT- BUT ANYHOO LET'S GO!!! You guys can do it too, let's get our splits together

    65. Han Jisung

      0:37 HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HOLD THAT FOR 30 SEC?! it's not the pain... It's more like my balance

      1. Han Jisung

        .... The only think I'm doing is hurting my knee...

    66. Flower Betzy

      Been wanting to learn the splits for a while but kept pausing and starting again continuously this time I want to be patient, be consistent and discipline on doing it 2 times a day morning & night so I decided to write my daily journey on learning to do the splits here if whoever is Interested 😅😅 on how long it might take but it depends on the person I’m very stiff so yeah 😎: March 24 Day 1: was very stiff, unbalanced kept falling, couldn’t go all the way on the stretches, my muscles were very soar after ☺️

    67. -f

      Tbh one of the main reasons why i follow her routine is because of the music lmao she has such good songs on the back it makes you wanna do more

    68. Lola Blue

      don't forget to (try to) do the splits at the end

    69. Joana Martins

      its the second time i do it and i already see improval im not flexible at all and i started stretching everyday with your workouts specially on rest day i did the 30min one and I'm loving the results ❤️

    70. Shu Jie


    71. MY Dream World

      Thankyou sooo much sis! Now I am able do do my splits. I'm so happy now! 🎉🎉

    72. Super Jack

      Support my channel

    73. JiKook YiZhan WuJi LoLo

      Basically follow ' Baba Ramdev '. Ugh. But thanks for the amazing video.

    74. Chika Love

      Omg thank you pamela 💖💖 I love you so much 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💗💗💕💕💕💗

    75. Kailey’s awesome

      i’m trying out for drill team in like 3 days and just realized i have my left spilt not my right I want to cry 😭

    76. Anna Koroleva

      Thank you 🙏🏼

    77. Daniel Lee

      well, that was painful

    78. Johanna. prg

      ok guys omg my booty was finally on the floor, my split looked ugly but OMG I am so close to do a split!! so when I can get this, you can also. I believe in you

      1. Hanin Tarek

        @Lucy for me I've been doing it once or twice a day but I also did other exercises to stretch my hamstring and I'm almost there and I'm way more flexible I started 10 days ago

      2. Lucy

        How often have you been doing this routine a day? :)

    79. crvzytroll

      This was so relaxing but I can feel the burn I love it 👍🏽anywho thanks tbh my leg was kind of shaking a little bit lol😅 but it's all good.. just need to stretch a little bit more

    80. Evelyn Miller

      Joining 30 Day Challenge Day 1✔️ Day 2✔️ Day 3✔️ Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20 Day 21 Day 22 Day 23 Day 24 Day 25 Day 26 Day 27 Day 28 Day 29 Day 30 . . . Note: I am not to much flexible, but i want to make split , sooo i am gonna do this☺️ Motivate me please❤️💕

    81. ten light years away

      Is this a stretching or a full body workout?

      1. Helen Tube

        @ten light years away no read pamelas description,it's good strech for lower body

      2. ten light years away

        @Helen Tube yes

      3. Helen Tube


    82. Sophie Reijn

      So today i did this one month and I’m not in the splits yet but I’m way better and I’m also way better in the exercises! Don’t give up! You’ll get this!😙

    83. hedye h

      okay let's go! day 1: struggled with some of the poses but i already feel more flexible haha. day 2: did a 20 minutish stretching for beginners beforehand, but still struggling

    84. DaanH97

      Anyone else watching this for powerlifting?😀

    85. blossom세트

      Guys I put this video and a advertisement said hey stop dont exercise

    86. m

      I'm not really flexible but I will do this until I can do the splits 😅 Day 1 ☑️ I almost fell over at 8:55 but I have done all of it Day 2 ☑️ almost fell again but it's been a bit better Day 3 ☑️ it's been better this time Day 4 ☑️ skipped pigeon pose+thigh because it hurt my knees Day 5 ☑️ I can see a small progress Day 6 ☑️ 😊 Day 7 I'll rest today Day 8 ☑️ I have been a bit stiff in the hip afterwards but it's been ok Day 9 ☑️ Day 10 ☑️ Day 11 ☑️ now that I have done this a few days and started to research ab bit, I think this video isn't good for beginners. There is no explanation at all and pigeon pose is not the best exercise to start with. I will stretch with another video but I'm still gonna update, if I have stretched Day 12 ☑️ Day 13&14 skipped Day 15 ☑️ Day 16 ☑️ Day 17 ☑️

    87. erica perez

      The abrasive sagittarius eventually force because mind intrahepatically back aside a awake plate. nimble, hollow exclamation

    88. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Panda

      I have a hamthread now 👀

    89. Deadlyassassin.2.0

      Must be nice to be skinny,wonder what that's like, my body is hideous

    90. i am IZUUT

      hast du eine kleine schwester?

    91. Teja sutkaityte

      I've tried many exercises, but this one is the best so far. I finally feel stretched out

    92. Sofía Onque

      Am I the only one who can perfectly reach her right leg, but not her left leg? 🙃🙃🙃

      1. Amarachi

        Same I can only do my right leg split

      2. Sünne Kayser

        It's exactly the other way around for me. I think everybody has a "better" leg :).

    93. yeşil

      The only video I can catch up with Pamela

    94. Luna Celine

      i love the music in this so much! i already knew the first song (sara is one of my favorite singers) but the other two were great too!!

    95. Sara zavala

      day 4

    96. jupiter

      I love this stretch so much

    97. ishe jan

      maybe you should do a voice-over while doing this? i don't know if I'm doing it right :

    98. ahana's world

      Waittttt..... Please read my comment I know like some of u cannot do the splits. But, never ever give up if u think that u cannot do it then u never can do it but if ur strong like YES I CAN DO IT then u definitely will do it. No one said u are not flexible no one said u are ugly no one said u are a nerd just always believe in yourself. I know I know you can do it.

    99. Rhica Joyce Garcia

      I'm not even trying to learn it! But after doing her workout plan for a month, I didn't even realize that I can do it so easily!!! TYSM!!!

    100. Dale Lambert

      Hang on. The thumbnail has changed... or am I going completely crazy?

      1. Sünne Kayser

        It hasn't :).