15 MIN SLOW STRENGTH, Full Body - on the floor, no standing up, low impact I Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif

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    yup, no need to stand up today! no squats or jumps either ♥︎ 15 efficient minutes for super strong, toned & lean muscles / Werbung
    Oh we were definitely missing a workout routine like this!!
    ▸ advanced exercises, that build a lot of strength
    ▸ we train our abs from all angles, booty, thighs, chest, upper & lower back, shoulders and arms
    ▸ nothing high intensity, no squats, no jumps, no high knees - only some very few mountain climbers for once hihi :)))
    ▸ ... but don't be fooled, this workout is still very intense!
    PS: enjoy the view ♥︎
    No Equipment necessary, no breaks and not much space needed :) If you need a break though - take it! Just don't quit!
    The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.
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    1. Mausio - Spread Love (ft. Bibiane Z)
    2. Gamper & Dadoni - More Than I Can Say
    3. Lucas & Steve x Blackstreet - No Diggity
    4. Reiley - Let It Ring
    5. Gabry Ponte & MOTi - Oh La La
    6. Steve Aoki & Kiiara - Used To Be (feat. Kiiara & Wiz Khalifa)
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    When joining me for this workout video, you need to take some precautions as your health and safety is the most important. To avoid any injury or harm, you need to check your health with your doctor before exercising. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. See a fitness professional to give you advice on your exercise form. Pamela Reif will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of this video.

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    1. Jessica Quarker

      Just great ♡

    2. Nitin Singh

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    3. Evelin B.

      I didn’t workout in a while because I had an eating disorder and due to it I lost my period. It was my first workout session since september and I really enjoyed it! I had so much energy! Thank you Pam ❤️

      1. Zsófi


    4. Tomás

      The background is green screen?

    5. Amiela Roasa

      i thought this was a chill work out... why am i dying!!

    6. sophie

      thats not how i define "Slow" but okay😂

    7. Nina Franke

      Neues Lieblings-Workout! Richtig gute Musik uns coole Übungen. Macht mega Spaß 😍

    8. Jenny Purplebrooke

      Absolutely loved it... Was kind of funny, the time flew and I almost couldn't believe the 15min were already over 😍 More of those please!!

    9. M W

      Who else didnt managae the V Leg lift?? help

    10. Veronica D

      “Slow” is not about the workout but more about how you’re going to die 🔥🔥🔥

    11. Bernadette Kehl

      For me hardest one ever! Much Love Pam ! ❤️ God saves you 🙏🏼

    12. Lan Nguyen

      Slow for Pam is death for me😊😊

    13. Rose

      I don't know why my legs are so wobbly when doing the side planks+leg circles...at that tym my body is in a disco🤷😅😅

    14. taraneh aghili

      "Slow"🌠 so true

    15. BrokenChinRest

      me: sweating, can't breath and waiting the video to ends pamela: comfortable doing all these exercises and breaths well how?

    16. Chris Ly

      Even when she makes mistakes, she looks graceful. How can I achieve that level of cool? lol

    17. xoxo xoxox

      The pain in my booty during the side-planks is unreal

    18. Harriet Kriebel

      Cooles Video, aber "slow" ist ein völlig unpassender Titel ;) da hat sie langsamere Videos, die nicht als slow betitelt werden. Das 15mins. Strenght ist slow! Trotzdem toll

    19. Valentina Lazarus

      This is the workout I didn't know I needed😌 I love it.

    20. Valentina Lazarus

      Wait. I had fun!😯

    21. Tímea Földesi

      What was that at 12:05? 🤔 It looked like a glitch or a cut of some sort.

    22. Freyja Aldebaran

      Isn’t it weird that all the comments are extremely positive? Like internet is a war area actually lol

    23. DHARINI chinju

      Wait... What? I thought it'd be a good step to start my workout with this after my periods! Completely fooled haha.. fml .. Yess I m stronger now 😅

    24. Julia Navah

      wow is that the first time we see pamela workout barefoot?

    25. Merle Bartel

      Woher ist die matte

    26. YellowHaze_ Editz

      Pam be tricking us with the bear hold 😭💀

    27. phlorida

      Can someone explain to me which part is slow in this workout? I'm burning 🔥

    28. Greta Munaro

      Uhm... I liked the switch from superman to superwoman 😌✋

    29. jolana_tmn

      i read the name as „15 minutes STRETCH‟ than i was pretty suprised(。_。)

      1. jolana_tmn

        @Claudia yess im not alone :D

      2. Claudia

        OMG literally sameee😭😭

    30. Susanne Dreischenkemper

      Here are some tipps, if some of the exercises are too hard for you :) Pam Knife+Hold: you can put your feet down instead of keeping them in the air like pam V-sit: put your feet on the floor. It's still hard :,) Roll in+push up: do the push ups on your knees Shoulder push up: do normal push ups on your knees Cobra+booty kick: do it without the cobra Side plank+tigh lift/circles: lay your booty on the floor. It still hurts Low spider: you can do high spider instead:) Hope it helps someone:D Remember: it's ok if you can't do all the exercises like Pam. It's ok to take breaks (I hate them, thats why I prefer doing an easier version) You're so strong and you can be proud of yourself :D

      1. Becky

        thank you!

    31. Elif *

      I think i broke something while shoulder push ups cause a craking noise come from my shoulder🤡 oops

    32. Evelien Ingels

      .. I feel stupid for thinking that slow and easy go hand in hand

    33. Isabella Parisotto

      WHAT does she mean by slow

    34. Charlotte Wood

      The only slow thing is me, slowly dying 😂

    35. Paulina

      Wtf? I felt like a dying wale... stranded and slowly dying..

    36. carnyhenna

      I thought my phone was ringing in the middle of the workout 🤭

    37. Itta 18

      i tought it is a stretch,😭

    38. Maria Assenova

      I love Pamela's decisions around 10:54. So fun to watch 🥰🥰😅

    39. Kristina Martyn

      I just LOVE your workouts soo much Pam - even if they are don´t "slow"!! ;) Thank you for keeping us strong and motivated!!

    40. Christina

      I think I dislike this the most

    41. Hera Ratna Sari

      Mine's well done pamela..thaks a lot for this day❤️

    42. Jana

      When Satan can't reach you, he sends you the V-Sit Up... I look like a dying fish damn...

    43. Emileinchen E

      one day I will be able to complete this without stops or skipping :))

    44. Sofi Mollova

      people thinking this is a chill and easy workout 🤡🤡🤡

    45. _erzaehlerin

      Don't quite see the "slow" in here... I'm dying lmao

    46. Laura DJay

      „Slow strengh“ - *puts roll-in-to-climbers-ninja-moves*🥷🏻

    47. Бубка Христова

      Pam got me at “slow” 😅😅😅 and “low-impact” ... maybe the slowest and lowest impact was the plank near the end . 🤪 love you, Pam!

    48. janina sell

      HAHAHA OMG please tell me that i havent been the only one who read "strech" instead of "strength" 😂 (wanted to do this before sleep nut realized after the third exercise that that's not a SLOW STRECH for the full body

    49. Ashley S

      Love your workouts!! Thank you

    50. julita mruk

      The title of this video it's juste a BIG LIE 🤣 Love it Pam ❤ thanks !

    51. Kur Kar

      great view. you know what i mean

    52. Lucie Hlavackova

      Me: thinking it will be slow and easy workout :D Also me after three exercices 🥵⚱⚰

    53. Neelam5 Bhandari

      Always.......☺ You give me a new.......idea,attention.....towards💪 body fitness....im always impress by your new new videos 😮😮 No words for you..... 🤐

    54. Saba

      I have a question... How does she use famous songs on her videos? What about copyright?

    55. canim benim

      Is this a joke 😁after 2 fully body workouts I wanted to strech and when video started zi was thinking that I selected abs video 🙃 This one I would called side abs workout.

    56. Silsilia Lienardi

      No way, this is a low impact workout? 😟

    57. ines silva

      pam i love your workouts but this one is a big no ahahahha

    58. Audio Cassette /Pooja Sharma

      If this is low impact..then I don't want to know what is high impact 😭😭😭

    59. Vortex Fitness

      6:00 for the pike push-ups I think ur arms need to go towards ur sides, not flaring out

    60. Jane Zhao

      Don't be fooled by the name. It's NOT SLOW at all lol

    61. fukuro96

      What was that at 12:05?

      1. 4lizar

        Looks like they recorded this twice and then cut and merged together. If you look close at the shadows, you can see that the sun has set a bit

    62. Pineapple Beauty Aesthetics

      Hello, maybe there are many people here who feel insecure about their body, if I felt I did too, but then I realized that it does not matter even a% 0.1 of what we are, God made us in the image and likeness, we made us worth the same no matter how you are, God loves you and made you perfect for that same reason you should love yourself you were a creation of God and if you say that you do not love yourself it means that you are saying that God does not love you and did not leave his creation but that is a lie because we are all perfect and no one should feel insecure, so from now on love yourself and save your bad comments that we all import here 😘🙌🏻💪🏻

    63. wOwmOusse

      I thought that was gonna be chill and really slow, and I actually died. I must have done maybe 7 minutes out of the 15, and I'm sweating so much, my heart is beating like crazy 😂 I felt the song so hard when she said "help me" hahaha

    64. hazwuwslouandlouwuwshaz


    65. Anna Elisabeth

      Looooooved this!!!

    66. gerdaberna

      By far one of my favs

    67. Liyan Wang

      checked several time to make sure the title is correct.....

    68. Ren

      To me, this video is harder than any of her hit workouts....especially the thigh circles 😭 My other butt cheek hurts so bad haha.

    69. Olivia Fergie


    70. Olivia Fergie

      Omg! Me looking all smiley and happy and the beginning 😃me at the end looking like a dying cow 😪 💤

    71. Nataliia Kryvdina


    72. its me

      I love this so much

    73. Jessica Paulina Martinez Solis

      I love your workout videos, with 10 or 20 minutes I can do a great workout. Sometimes when I am busy I go to your 10 minutes videos and I can make a effective workout. Thanks for posting these videos, you are doing good.

    74. Evogi Yoga

      Pam drawing circles with her leg. Me:" I think that dot is also a circle"😄

    75. FitStudentLou

      this was NOT fun :(

    76. white vs dark

      I am here to see dancing pony

    77. applebyarrow

      When the low intensity kills you more than the hiit workouts...

    78. Koni Eder

      Good video, I have a request for you : Could you pelase produce a workout for the whole body ? That would be nice. Have a nice day to you and see you soon !!!

    79. Daniela Ruocco

      Pam can you add a period friendly workout plan? I kinda need it!❤️

    80. krisha teresa

      Pam app is not updating the weekly workout 😭

    81. Lizzdeelmar

      i really have trust issues know🥲 this is everything but no slow stretch hahahahhaa Edit: it takes me 30 minutes to realize that the title is slow strength💀

    82. Jing Wu

      Do you plan to roll out new 30 min stretching video? I love your stretching video so much!

    83. Marisyl Bernas

      My favorite part of pam's exercise is WELL DONE 😂

    84. Jose Avila

      I love number one workout 😉😘😘🇪🇸

    85. Crystal Das

      Hii pam can u do another dance workout video after this plzz With the singers being little mix British girl group like if any other mixers who is present here and wants to see pam doing little mix dance workout

    86. mona lisa

      i’ve been doing your workouts for only one week and i already see amazing results 🤯😍

    87. Sharam Tuet

      Is it just me or is the last song about suicide

    88. Deepak Shah

      Back view of screen good (sea 🌊🌊🌊)

    89. Faith Paul

      Pamela any words of encouragement in your workouts will do lol just saying

    90. Petar Ivanov

      Please don't forget again so much awful workout bc I will unsubscribe for sure!!!

    91. nugget dinner

      The side planks came in like a wreckingball

    92. Jana S.

      I started Pamela's workout plan on Instagram, I have reached week 3 now and I can already see some results! So yess, you can do it!!

    93. Maria Hedayati

      i used to think madfit is the best, then boom i found you.

    94. sayali falake

      It's shouldn't be named as 'slow strength'😂 infact should be called as 'shaky strength,with slow death'.😭😭.

    95. Steven Joe

      While I do this I feel like it’s working. Let’s see if it actually does. Btw please sub to my channel.

    96. Ananda Roy

      10.45 mn it seems that you lost the composure for 13 seconds.Thank You for another good workout 👍

    97. Abigail González

      Excelente! Una nueva seguidora desde Chile 💪💖

    98. Judith van de Kerkhof

      I was so grateful there was no leg hold after the side plank + circles

    99. Doris

      My dumbass thought it would be easy because it says "slow" and "low impact"

    100. Tatjana Metzger

      Mein neues Lieblingsworkout!!! 😍😍😍 Die Musikauswahl ist genial! 👌🏽